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Fetish Party Night is:

  • Warm and friendly atmosphere allowing to communicate freely with associates.
  • The possibility to stare at beautiful free-minded people.
  • Your chance to expose yourself in an unusual arousing garment with no risk of blame or laughter.
  • Saturated show program.
  • Acquaintances, dances, and fun!

The distinctive feature of the Fetish Party Night is strict dresscode allowing to cut hypocrite persons before they enter. This feast is devoted only for Fetish addicts, no outsiders allowed! There will be NO exception for anybody, regardless of sex orientation, age, and title. In order to get in, our guests must prepare a non-standard, stylish, sexy fetish gear. Once more: persons that are dressed casually and boring will be screened out. This is the FETISH party. Dixi.

What is Fetish for the party hosts?

Fabrics: nylon, leather, lycra, latex, vinyl, fishnet, mesh, furs, feathers.
Uniforms: military and police style (no nazi), schoolgirl, bride, anime/kigurumi, nurse, french maid, nun etc.
Masks: gasmasks and scuba, Venetian masks, burqa, latex and lycra hoods.
BDSM-fetish: shibari, rope dressing, chains, cuffs, strap-on gear.
Crossdressing: M2F, F2M. No boring unisex please!
Goth: corsets, heels, overknee boots, etc.

This list may be expanded with your personal preferences: just contact the organizers!

What is permitted and what is not.

Generally, nothing is prohibited. Of course except violence, public and loud wrangles, importunate attempts of communication with a non-willing person.

Photo and video are allowed, provided you follow usual etiquette. First, ask the person's permission; then don't publish the content anywhere prior to having been authorized by him/her to do this. Also guests can use services of a pro photographer. Images will be posted in the gallery of this site, unless we know that you object. Please let us know if you don't want to appear on our photos.

How do I get to the Fetish Party Night?

Do you like to dance in latex catsuit? Can you sing a song wearing a nylon on your head? Then you can make an own show piece, just contact our team! Preferrably not later than a week before the Party. Of course you will have your free ticket, no entry fees. Do you like total comfort, well-served table, and nice view from your chair? Then our banquet tickets are for you. Just for 4500 RUR (about 100 Euro) you'll have your dedicated seat and meals during the evening. Please don't forget to check 'Banquet' when signing up as a guest.
You just want to get here, and the seat is no real prob for you. Then you buy your ticket on the entry. One ticket costs 999 RUR which is slightly below 25 Euro. We kindly require you to sign up here.

Where will the Fetish Party Night take place?

FPN 6 will be held in the club "Montreal", which is located in Moscow, Russian Exposition Center (V.D.N.Kh.), pavilion "Moskva". The nearest Metro station is "V.D.N.Kh." and monorail station "Ulitsa Sergeya Eizenshteina". We are waiting you at 19.00.

How to get there:
Blue arrows: by car,
Red arrows: on foot.

Where do I find some pics from your previous Parties?

Here is the FPN 5 Gallery.
Here is the FPN 4 Gallery.

How do I contact you?

Our email address for questions and proposals is: